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“I Fail” at Christmas this Year

December 16, 2013

xmas treeYesterday I started thinking about my ineptitude with executing Christmas this year.  I didn’t realize how much I’ve had to take on, until I started taking inventory of what I haven’t been able to accomplish this season.

I completely missed the fact that yesterday was my kids’ last Catechism class, and gifts should have been sent to teachers.  And weren’t.  I was at a wrestling tournament.  On a Sunday.  Supporting my youngest son, giving him pep talk after he cried after his  first match. His next match he won by a pin.  Then he lost.

 On Saturday, I was at a wrestling tournament with my oldest son, hoping he’d wrestle, but a paperwork mix up nixed that.  

Tomorrow I am supposed to be at a Winter Violin Concert for my 4th grade son, the one who lives and dies for his Mother.  At the same time I am supposed to be at the Winter Chorus Concert for my 7th grade daughter.  I am sending my au pair and 7 year old to the Violin concert.  My son is very disappointed, but I know what a 4th grade violin player sounds like, I’ve heard them twice before.  I need to be at the Chorus Concert, to see her in the beautiful black long velvet dress I hemmed, singing for the teacher she adores at the new school she attends.  And my 17 year old daughter will pick up the 9th grader from wrestling practice, also at the same time.

The day after tomorrow I am supposed to be at a book club , which I’ve attended just once and missed many times.

I do have the Christmas tree up, with lights and ornaments, but it’s missing the Angel.  The Angel is in our storage unit, which I haven’t had time to get to.  My three youngest kids decided that if they wanted the tree up, they had to put it up themselves.  I was doing health insurance paperwork, or cooking lunch, or figuring out the calendar for the week, or helping my daughter with her genealogy history project or hemming her chorus dress or grocery shopping or something else not fun.

No outside lights and wreaths. They’re in storage.

No Christmas stockings. They’re in storage.

No decorations scattered through the house.  They’re in storage.

No Nativity set. That’s in storage.

I buy the kids their own Christmas ornament every year.  I haven’t bought those yet.

I was supposed to have started making tamales in baby steps last weekend because they take more than one day to make when you have no parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins around to help.  But I haven’t bought the masa, the pork, or the chiles.

I haven’t purchased the stocking stuffers.

I  don’t have the main gifts for my two oldest teens.

As my kids would say, “I fail” this Christmas.


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